Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum, Part 2!



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64 responses to “Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum, Part 2!

  1. Sarah

    Really cool pictures, and I just know my dad would love go there. I can’t count how many Air/Sea museums he has dragged me to over the years.

  2. Great pictures. I’ve always wanted to go see the Intrepid. One day!

  3. I took my son to the Smithsonian this last fall — and he was in AWE. I think the Intrepid may be our next museum destination…

    So cool — thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks! I like these types of museums. Congrats on being FP!

  5. First off, Congrats on freshly pressed.
    Second, Great pics

    And finally, being a Cadet, i could really relate to everything going in. It was fantastic!

    Arjun Kay

  6. super dope phots! i have always wanted to see what goes on in those submarines, very insightful pictures!

  7. I always wanted to go see the inside of a real submarine to see what they actually looked like…you know, a REAL one. Not one with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington in it, ’cause that doesn’t count. šŸ˜‰

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

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  9. Hey!

    Nice pictures for sure!

    If you have time check out mine here:

    Unfortunately I did not get the freshly things pressed!

    Cheers Julien

  10. I like these photos a lot! In particular, #’s 5, 8, and 9. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  11. Anonymous

    Cool museum. That would be a fun place to take a history fieldtrip.

  12. Anonymous

    The pictures alone just make me want to go there.

  13. amazing! i’d love to see the inside of one of those vessels. great shots!

  14. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Howland Davis

    This museum, consisting of the sub shown here and the carrier Intrepid provide a great tour, well worth the price of a ticket, etc. When I toured the sub, a couple was touring with me and were very curious as to where the missiles aimed on that sub during the Cold War. It turned out that they were from Moscow and were wondering if the missiles had been aimed at them; they were not. The sub had been in the Pacific!

  16. Nice photo tour! Thanks for sharing.

  17. HL BISE

    I’ve been here 5 years, and still haven’t visited the Intrepid. (Seen it, from a distance, about a 1,000 times.) Your great pics, I believe may have pushed me to take a tour! And, I perused your other posts: NICE, very nice NYC shots!

  18. obsidianfactory

    wow just wow ^_^

  19. awesome blog read mine its about caesar

  20. Great photos and experience you have on Intrepid! šŸ™‚

  21. This looks like German Space station in 1930s LOL. amazing picture quality and well taken photos šŸ™‚

  22. It sounds like your current job is driving this submarine to it was so beautiful.

  23. Nice photos, it’s classical. What should i say? Just…Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  24. No fitting room for those who do not believe in liberty AND the power to salute those vets who were envolved in our nation’s freedom.

  25. y8

    look really sharp, I appreciate the quality of your images very well.
    it’s so beautiful, you control the ship hidden eh, your work is great

  26. Awesome! I went to this museum fairly recently when I went on a trip to Manhattan. I loved the submarine. It was like a dream come true, because I like to study modern and world war 2 era subs. I play submarine simulations on my computer so it was great to actually be in a real sub, not to mention the first sub armed with nuclear weapons. The Intrepid aircraft carrier was also awesome and had a long history from world war II to picking up astronauts to the cold war. That thing is one strong beast.

  27. Terrific pictures. I felt like I was there. Iā€™m a native New Yorker and I have sent dozens of visitors to the Intrepid’; at one point I worked in an office building with an awesome view of the ship but, for some reason I have not gotten there myself. I must change my status. Thanks for the inspiring post.

  28. Brilliant. I can almost smell that delicious mix of old oil and mustiness that all old equipment. Whether it’s warships old telephone exchanges, the smell is unmistakable. I could look at these all day. LOVED the bit of brassware on the engine speed indicator and selector. thanks so much for the troulbe you went to to bring us these shots..

  29. Thank you all! I update my blog everyday and the great response I got from you guys will definitely keep me motivated to keep doing that!

    / Rasmus Keger

  30. Nice photos – interesting stuff! I’ve never been to this kind of museum. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn.

  31. My grandfather, a professional photographer, served on the Intrepid during the World War II where he was one of a few men who operated the radar. Our family has a number of pictures that he took during his time on the ship, including pictures of Navy funerals and kamikaze attacks. I haven’t been able to visit the Intrepid yet and was fascinated to see your shots of the ship that is so ‘legendary’ in our family. Thanks for sharing!

  32. These photos are eiery and amazing. Feels like I’m there.
    Congrats on fresh press.

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  34. Ezzy

    Great shots. Haven’t been there since it was brought back. Anything new they put in?

  35. Very cool pics! These old subs are so interesting. It makes you wonder how the crew managed to stay sane in such crapped spaces for such long periods out at sea. I was able to go aboard an older sub in Groton, CT a while back….the Nautilus, I believe. These pics reminded me a lot of that experience.
    Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

  36. Hi Ezzy
    I have only been there once, I don’t know what was there before. All I can say is that it was really cool!


  37. Thank you fireygoddess!

  38. Beautiful photographs. Congratulations!

  39. Beautiful pictures. I always wanted to ride in a submarine.

  40. Great pics, I’ve been there myself and urge everyone who has to get there as soon as possible! There should be more museums like this available!

  41. In the port of Callao, in Lima, Peru, an old submarine Abtao is now a museum too. Really amazing!

  42. that is amazing would love to visit something like that!. your photos all have an effect that I cant explain is it the Processing on them or just the camera?

  43. Hi Kyle,
    I photoshop all my photos, use different filters, increasing the contrast, adjust the colors and so on.
    It takes a little bit of time but it’s worth it;


  44. I’ve visited the museums several times. I used to live in N.Y. My favorite area is where it shows the soldiers in war and someone is doing a voiceover. I could almost feel myself there. Is it still part of the museum?

  45. Modern Funk

    Love your blog…very clean and simple. Great photos!

  46. Very interesting šŸ™‚

  47. Commendable series of photos, Rasmus. What interests me is almost a philosophical point. I look at a huge panel of knobs, dials, and switches, all of which were once state-of-the-art technology (less than a lifetime ago) and I realise that the same functions that the whole panel controlled would now probably be controlled from a single flat screen. And then I think of my own computer at home, the glitches, the patches that come from Microsoft to fix problems with the software, the trojans and viruses and the inadequacy of anti-virus software to combat them, the corrupt files – in fact everything that proves to me that for commercial reasons technical products are released and marketed before they’re perfected – and I am forced to wonder whether we are advancing in ANY field or simply carrying problems forward. What do you think?

    Greetings from Scotland.

    Marie Marshall

  48. Great Pic that is really Cool

  49. Very cool shots! You took what could be boring to some and made it interesting. Nice!

  50. cool! i kinda relate though, some are what we use and execute in the mechanics and material science class. taking up engrng. but that was way too cool than what we have hahaha!!

  51. hey nice pics also really cool quality

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  53. great picture gallery…!

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