Halloween party!

The Chilean miners! Happy after 69 days undergound! Christian, Mathieu, Philip, Cristopher, Fabian Me and Ludvig!

Today’s outfit: Shirt J crew, Hard hat YSL, High-Visibility Vest Prada and dirt from Acne  : )

Ludvig tries to call someone, but the reception is pretty bad in the mine…..



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  1. Anonymous

    I have the same camera as you do, but just got it recently, so I’m still very new to the whole DSLR thing. Your photos are so gorgeous and clear and I was just wondering what settings you use. Do you usually let it go on auto or do you use the manual settings? And other tips?

  2. The dirt from Acne looks really expensive and minimalist. *cravings*

  3. Hi,
    I’m happy that you like my photos! My camera is set to “M”- mode. I try to keep the ISO low from 200-800, Sometimes that’s hard when it’s at night. I photoshop all my photos. Sharpening tool, contrast, colors. I bought this camera a couple of months ago, so I’m still learning everyday. If you don’t have Photoshop but you have a mac, you can use Iphoto it’s actually pretty good when it comes to adjust colors and making your photos look better.

    If you have any other questions feel free email me email, and I’ll try to help you.


  4. The acne dirt was super expensive : )

  5. great concept! – and glad you survived!

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